Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Opti-Coat Pro is a ceramic clear coating that provides superior resistance to scratching and chemical etching, offering permanent protection for factory paints and is applicable on various surfaces.

Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, Opti-Coat Pro is a ceramic clear coating that doesn’t degrade over time and offers a thick, permanent protective layer.

Opti-Coat Pro can be applied to all factory paints, as well as exterior glass, metal, and hard plastic surfaces.

Its chemical composition and thickness offer unmatched durability, chemical resistance, and scratch resistance compared to other market options.

Opti-Coat Pro is designed to provide a lifetime of protection for the paintwork it covers, unlike other products that require regular reapplication.

Yes, Brian’s Custom Detailing offers professional applications of Opti-Coat Pro as part of their detailing services to ensure your vehicle looks pristine.

You can wait and relax in our comfortable waiting area as we work our magic on your vehicle.

Avoiding harsh chemicals, using recommended cleaning products and techniques, and regularly washing the vehicle that’s safe for ceramic coatings. It’s also advisable to avoid washing the car for a certain period immediately after application to allow the coating to cure fully. For the most accurate and specific care instructions, it’s best to consult directly with the professionals at Brian’s Custom Detailing.

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